NEW! 24"x24" Class A Plastic Air Diversion Diffuser with Built in Air Deflector


Eger Advantage 24"x24" White Plastic Air Diversion Diffuser with Built in Air Deflector. Our unique design combines the advantages of an air deflector and air diffuser into a single unit; preventing the distribution of air flow from coming into contact with surrounding ceiling tiles which often leads to dust and dirt tile stains. Plastic Air Diversion Diffuser prevents dirt and dust from collecting on your ceiling tiles. The Eger Advantage Plastic Air Diversion Diffuser eliminates the need to purchase an air deflector. This product is Class A ASTM E 84 Smoke & Fire Rated.

Additional Product Recommendations: For energy conservation and a reduction in condensation we recommend purchasing our 24"x24" air diffuser insulation. 

This product is required on most facility air device mechanical schedules.


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