24"x24" Class A Plastic Traditional Air Diffuser / Multiple Air Patterns w/ Universal Collar


Eger Advantage 24"x24" Plastic Traditional Air Diffuser / Multiple Air Patterns. This Plastic Traditional Air Diffuser is Class A ASTM E 84 Smoke & Fire Rated. 

Don't know your neck size, no need to measure! This product combination adds the Advantage Universal Collar as a reducer for duct sizes 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14". Easy installation - The neck size "diameter" on the universal collar can be easily cut onsite using a box cutter or utility knife at the time of installation.  

Additional Product Recommendations: For energy conservation and a reduction in condensation we recommend purchasing our 24"x24" air diffuser insulation

This product is required on most facility air device mechanical schedules.

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